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16 Apr 2018

Day 16: The fetch api & build tools

What I’ve done today

The fetch api

Today I learned how to use the fetch api in Javascript instead of relying on jQuery or other libraries for doing ajax calls.

Furthermore I managed to install and configure the build tools for building node-sass on my windows machine.

node-gyp had to be configured correctly to allow node-sass to compile while doing yarn install - this took way to long.

After trying to do it by hand I found out that npm install -g windows-build-tools is a bit easier.. but it still did not work. Finally npm config set msvs_version 2015 Did the job…

What I’m planning to do next

Now that node-sass finally works I wanna try out popmotion.js! Popmotion is a functional, flexible JavaScript motion library.

Learnings today:

Link Dump for today: