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23 Jun 2017

Day 5: Discovered css property 'text-decoration-skip: ink'

What I’ve done today

a:hover {
  text-decoration: underline;
  text-decoration-skip: ink;

The result can be seen if you hover over links on this page: The underline does not cross through the descender of letters anymore. Learn more about text-decoration-skip

It can already be used because it degrades gracefully.

See the Pen text-decoration-skip by Nicolas Hoizey (@nhoizey) on CodePen.

Use flexbox to align icon and text

I used the technique described in this codepen for the icon+text in the post list. This makes them align correctly also on mobile

See the Pen Flex-Box dynamic width, auto-width by Andre (@ingomc) on CodePen.

What I’m planning to do next

Finally work on the portfolio

Learnings today:

Link Dump for today: